NCS @ Home 

...the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. - Daniel  11:32
Our vision is to raise up students that personally know who God is, know who they are, stand strong in the Lord, and will do great things.

Newell Christian school is excited to announce a brand new extension of the NCS community called NCS@Home. Our brand new home schooling program offers a flexible, family centric, and parent directed approach to education. Our goal is to join with families and fulfill the school’s mission by providing community engagement opportunities, one on one supports, and extra-curricular and co-curricular educational opportunities. Our vibrant Jesus-loving community here at NCS allows families to build friendships, make connections, and give opportunity to walk in Christ centred fellowship.

Our flexible home school program will provide facilitators and teachers to help guide parents, families, and students in their education while providing the following additional opportunities:

6 Big Benefits of the NCS@Home Community


Our goal is to develop students who are champions in all areas of life. NCS@Home in partnership with the Newell Christian School encourages the development of student-athletes who demonstrate Christ-like character, sportsmanship,
teamwork, and athletic excellence. Students will be given the opportunity to participate in the physical education department, and be a part of our sports programs (basketball, badminton, volleyball, etc...).

Worship Arts & Music

Our heart is to see students develop and use skills, talents, and abilities, to create beauty, do great things, and let their light shine for the glory of God.
1. Music: Students will be invited to participate in the music programs at NCS.
2. Drama & Theatre: Students will be given the opportunity to join our fall/ spring productions and outreaches.

NCS Outreach

Our aim is to equip students to change the world by showing the love of God through missions, outreach events, and community service. NCS@Home will be partneringwith our school for most of the Outreach events.

Chapel & Discipleship First Programming

Students are invited to be a part of daily
chapels, monthly outreaches, weekly Bible classes, spiritual emphasis weeks, and more.

Student Life & Community

Students will be encouraged and given opportunity to be a part of social events, pep rallies, and other NCS community events.

Staff, Tutoring, & Supports

Students will have access to certified teachers, pastoral staff, great facilitators, and
excellent support staff.

1. Study Block (drop in): NCS@Home is offering a 1 hour educational drop-in program
where students will have the opportunity to sit with a teacher/tutor in a classroom
setting for 1 hour daily.

2. Pastoral Support: Students will have access and the opportunity to meet with the
Pastor of NCS to support them in their spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental

3. Each Family will have a dedicated facilitator that will coach, guide, and help makean educational plan for their students.


NCS@Home Students (registered with us) - $49 a month will give you access to every benefit (gym classes, music, teachers, sports teams, etc...).

NCS Home School Community Members - Every home school family in the Newell area is invited to be a part of the family/communtiy and enjoy the benefits of the NCS community for $79 a month 

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